Forest Rest House of Kalagarh Tiger Reserve. Stay at FRH and experience the Wild Life

Forest Rest House and Stay options at Kalagarh Tiger Reserve

Halduparo Forest Rest House
Halduparo Forest Rest House Halduparo Forest Rest House Halduparo Forest Rest House

Forest Department Uttarakhand offers accommodation in the midst of forests at Kalagarh Tiger Reserve, Uttarakhand. There are more than 200 FRH, which are heritage buildings located in beautiful and serene surroundings. Visitors can enjoy the facility of staying in FRH subject to availability.

Halduparo FRH

Halduparao FRH built in 1890 is located at a distance of 50km from Kotdwara. The entry is through Vatanvasa gate followed by a 10 km drive on a forest road. It is located on the right bank of Palain river at an elevation of 385m, giving visitors a panoramic view for the river and the forests nearby. The FRH is over 100 years old.

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Rathuwadhab FRH

Rathuwadhab is a modest FRH built in 1899 on the banks of the Mandal river. Overlooking the suspension bridge and lime painted settlements with slate roof, it offers a wonderful view of the river and the village nearby.

Mundiyapani FRH

Mundiyapani FRH is situated amidst dense mixed forests. It was built in 1903 at an elevation of 547m and is very good site for avid bird watchers. A drive to Halduparao FRH in Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary is recommended for those staying here.

FRHs in Kalagarh Tiger Reserve

FRH Rooms Entry Gate Kitchen
Halduparao 2 (Double Bed) Vatanvasa Gate Yes
Rathuwadhab 2 (Double Bed) Vatanvasa Gate Yes
Mundiyapani 2 (Double Bed) Vatanvasa Gate Yes
Morghatti 2 (Double Bed) Pakhro Gate Yes
Pakhro 2 (Double Bed) Pakhro Gate Yes
Sendhikhal 2 (Double Bed) Sendhikhal Yes
Kolhuchaur 2 (Double Bed) Saneh Gate Yes
Chokham 2 (Double Bed) Saneh Gate Yes
Naudi 2 (Double Bed) Naudi Gate, Duggadda Yes

Since it is the part of Corbett Tiger Reserve. You can book/get right informatin your FRH at Official website of Corbett. Click here directly.

If you are unable to get accommodation we provide Private Cottages near Vatanvasa Entry Gate for your comfortable stay. Click Here to view the Packages