Safari Booking for Sonanadi

Sonanadi Junlge Safari Gypsy (Jeep) Booking


Jungle Safari at Sonanadi Corbett Tiger Reserve

It is 3 hours safari by Jeep, in which you can experience Jungle of Sonanadi. The region is mainly famous for the Tigers, Elephant, Leopard and many more wild animals. Main transport options around the reserve are jeeps safaris. Private vehicles are not allowed inside the Reserve forest, and this is one point to note while taking up a trip to Tiger Reserve. At Sonanadi you can get the chance of viewing Spotted Deer, Sambhar, Wild Boar, tiger, leopard, Barking deer, Goral Two kinds of Bears Himalayan Black and Sloth, and over 400 bird species makes Kalagarh Tiger Reserve a perfect wild life safari and bird watching destination. We arrange safari from Vatanvasa Gate for Sonanadi Corbett Tiger Reserve, which is near to Kotdwar and Lansedowne city.

How To Reach :

The nearest stations are Kotdwar and Lansedowne.

Road and Train: Kotdwar is well connected with Road and trains.

There are three entry gate for Sonanadi Safari i.e.Pakhro, Vatanvasa and Kolhu Gate and all servers different areas of visit. For Pakhro you need to get online permit from website and book Gypsy using below table. Pakhro is about 23 Km from Kotdwar city, Kolhu gate is near Saneh, which is 9 km from Kotdwar city, while Vatanvasa is located at 50 km from Kotdwara and 56 km from Lansedowne, it takes 1:40 hours drive from both destinations.

Safari booking available for Parkhro Gate only with 4 persons maximum only. Read new Guidelines, Click Here .

Safari Packages:-

S.No. Persons


Gypsy Charges (INR) Booking
for Indian Nationalist
1. 1 Pakhro/Vatanvasa/Kolhu (Sonanadi Corbett) 4000.00
2. 2 Pakhro/Vatanvasa/Kolhu (Sonanadi Corbett) 4000.00
3. 3 Pakhro/Vatanvasa/Kolhu (Sonanadi Corbett) 4000.00
4. 4 Pakhro/Vatanvasa/Kolhu (Sonanadi Corbett) 4000.00
5. 5 Pakhro/Vatanvasa/Kolhu (Sonanadi Corbett) 4500.00
6. 6 Pakhro/Vatanvasa/Kolhu (Sonanadi Corbett) 4500.00
for Foreign Nationalist (INR)
7. 1 Pakhro/Vatanvasa/Kolhu (Sonanadi Corbett)
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8. 2 Pakhro/Vatanvasa/Kolhu (Sonanadi Corbett)
9. 3 Pakhro/Vatanvasa/Kolhu (Sonanadi Corbett)
10. 4 Pakhro/Vatanvasa/Kolhu (Sonanadi Corbett)
11. 5 Pakhro/Vatanvasa/Kolhu (Sonanadi Corbett)
12. 6 Pakhro/Vatanvasa/Kolhu (Sonanadi Corbett)
13. Rest house/Resort at Sonadandi
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New Guidelines Note: As per new Guidelines for Tiger Reserve, only 4 persons (age 11 years to 64 years) are allowed in one Gypsy with proper distancing, sanitization. READ GUILDLINES here. If any medical problem spotted during check and safari cancelled. No refund is possible.

Please Note