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Holidays, Weekend in Nature. Camping and Nature Safari at Kalagarh Tiger Reserve. View Details. ∅∅ Fun, Masti, on Holidays at Junlge Resort, Kalagarh Tiger Reserve, View Details . ∅∅ New counting on Tiger says that Kalagarh Tiger Reserve has 109 Tigers, which is more than the Corbett Tiger Reserve (which has 99 Tigers) as Report announcement by Honurable Chief Minister of Uttarakhand on 26th July, 2017.

  • Wildlife Tour

    Wildlife safari Kalagarh Tiger Reserve

    Tourists can enjoy a wildlife safari to Sonanadi Zone by Jeep safari from Vatanvasa Gate, Durga Devi Gate, and Kalagarh Gate. All gates are well connected by road and visitors can book a Safari online through this website.

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  • How to Reach

    How to Reach Kalagarh Tiger Reserve

    To reach the Kalagarh Tiger Reserve from most part of the country is quite easy. It is only 275 km from the Delhi through the NH-58 and there are convenient trains from Delhi to Kotdwar, from where the visitor can visit the park. Vatanvasa Gate is about 60 km from Kotdwar

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  • Tickets and Entries

    Entries and Tickets of Wildlife Tours

    The tiger reserve remains open from 15th November to 15th June. The weather remains cool and generally dry during this time of the year. Visitation inside the tiger reseve is allowed only into the designated tourism zones of Sonanadi WLS (Vatanvasa Gate), Durgadevi Gate, Pakhro Gate.

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  • FRH/Cottages

    Forest Rest House of Kalagarh Tiger Reserve

    Visitor can also stay in the Forest Rest House of Halduparao, Rathuwadhab, Mundiyapani Sendhikhal, Pakhro etc. after prior bookings. Private Camp/cottages are also available at buffer zone of tiger reserve.

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