Kalagarh Tiger Reserve




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Pakhro FRH is located at a distance of 22 km from Kotdwara city of Uttarakhand State. The entry is through Pakhro gate.   A road near famous Siddhabali Mandir goes to Saneh village and cross Kolhu river. As soon as you cross Kolhu river patch, the jungle started. However road is motarable, yet the chances of wild activities (movement) become strong and strong, when you reach more. There is a forest barrier, in which you need to make entry or show your stay permit. Otherwise forest staff will not allowed to go more inside. A drive of about 13 km in lush green jungle takes you a amazing journey of this landscape of Corbett Tiger Reserve. The FRH is over 100 years old. The wilderness of entire location is mesmerising.  Famous Pakhro Gate of Corbett Tiger Reserve is very near to it. 

Mobile Network: No mobile network. 

Electricity: Only Solar light, which is generally used after evening.



How to Reach: Firstly you have to reach Kotdwar city, which is well connected with road and Train network from all major stations including national capital Delhi. However you can take you car till FRH, yet the road passes through dense jungle, and most of time there are wild animal movement. If you are not well versed to handle such situation, book Gypsy (Jeep).  Gypsy (Jeeps) are provided for transfer and jungle safari from Kotdwar city to Pakhro. Click on below link for Gypsy booking.

Book Only Jungle Safari at Pakhro Entry Gate by paying Rs. 1000 only. Rest on arrival