Kalagarh Tiger Reserve

Dear traveller, Safari booking for Vatanvasa, Pakhro and Kolhuchaur zone will be available from 1 Nov 2023. Kindly send your stay or jungle safari request before 72 hours / 3 days of your arrival. There are limited Jeep (only 10 entry permit) for Vatanvasa zone (Morning as well as evening) and 5 for Pakhro zone.  If your travel is in between the specified time period, consider it is not available or all booked. We don’t respond on such type of booking/enquiry requests (Spot bookings). For FRH booking enquiry should reached 10-15 days before.


Halduparao Forest Rest House



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Halduparao FRH built in 1890 is located at a distance of 50km from Kotdwara. The entry is through Vatanvasa gate followed by a 10 km drive on a forest road. It is located on the right bank of Palain river at an elevation of 385m, giving visitors a panoramic view for the river and the forests nearby. The FRH is over 100 years old. However the new building has been build for tourist to stay. The wilderness of entire location is awesome. The Palain (Sonanadi/ Golden river) river flows just near to FRH. The small watch tower at FRH premises gives you complete eye view of river. You can see most of animals drinking, gazing, playing around Palain (Sonanadi/Golden) river.

Mobile Network: No mobile network (Forest Department Wireless available in case of emergency)

Electricity: Only Solar light, which is generally used after evening.


How to Reach: Firstly you have to reach Kotdwar city, which is well connected with road and Train network from all major stations including national capital Delhi. The Gypsy is mandatory to reach Halduparao FRH, however you can take your own vehicle till Vatanvasa Gate and park at entry gate. Gypsy (Jeeps) are provided for transfer and jungle safari from Kotdwar city. Click on below link for Gypsy booking.