SITABANI Jungle Safari Booking

Sitabani forest zone of Corbett Park is called landscape area which is best known for nature walks and visiting popular attractions around. Though Sitabani is hard forest area and comes at Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve. Sitabani area has become favourite spot for tourists walking because of its elaboration in the Hindu Epic Ramayana. The epic says that wife of Lord Rama – goddess Sita spent some days of her exile in Sitabani jungle. The entire jungle is protected and supervised by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).
Sitabani tourism zone is open all round the year for safari tours and there is no limit of gypsies entering in the area. Corbett Tiger Reserve Authority does not offer any kind of permit for the entry in to this zone. Instead, Sitabani Forest Department gives the permission for jeep safari in this region. It has also a popular old temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There are shallow streamlets flowing through the Sitabani, which offer enjoyable retreats to the tourists passing by.

How To Reach

The nearest stations are Ramnagar.

Road and Train: Ramnagar is well connected with Road and Trains.

Sitabani FRH is located 27 kilometres from Ramnagar city on the Powalgarh Road at an elevation of 515 m perched on a hilltop. You can also take the forest road from Bhandarpani to Sitabani. 

flora and fauna

Sitabani forest area is known for its varied variety of flora. This landscape shelters more than 600 species of trees, shrubs, bamboos, herbs grasses, orchids, woody climbers and wetland vegetation. Sal, Sheesham, Kanju, Dhak, Haldu, Peepal, mangoes and Rohini trees are some of the important evergreen flora of the Sitabani area.

Apart from all these Sitabani forest is great natural habitat for rich variety of fauna such as royal Bengal tigers, elephants, Sambhars, barking deers, porcupines and King Cobra. Sitabani is heaven for bird watchers.

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