How to Reach Kalagarh Tiger Reserve


Access to the Kalagarh Tiger Reserve from most part of the country is quite easy as it is only 275 km from the national capital through the NH-58 and there are convenient overnight trains from Delhi to Kotdwar, Najibabad, from where the visitor access the tiger reserve. Visitors can also fly to nearest domestic airport Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun which is located at a distance of about 156 km from Vatanvasa Entry Gate of the Kalagarh tiger reserve.

Now there are 3 Entry Gates (Zones) for visitors:

  1. Vatanvasa (Sonanadi Zone)
  2. Pakhro Zone
  3. Kolhuchaur Zone 

Sonanadi and Pakhro Zone is managed and Governed by Corbett Tiger Reserve, while Kolhuchaur Zone managed and Governed by Lansedowne Forest Division.


  • Kotdwar to Delhi : 214 Km
  • Kotdwar to Haridwar : 80 Km
  • Kotdwar to Najibabad : 20 Km
  • Kotdwar to Dehradun : 175 Km
  • Kotdwar to Vatanvasa Entry Gate : 47 Km. Route: Kotdwar-Dugadda-Sendhikhal-Dhontiyal-Vatanvasa
  • Lansedowne to Vatanvasa Entry Gate : 57 Km. Route: Lansedowne-Dugadda-Sendhikhal-Dhontiyal-Vatanvasa
  • Kotdwar to Pakhro Entry Gate: 23 Km, Route: Kotdwar-Siddhabali Temple – Saneh-Pakhro
  • Kotdwar to Kolhuchaur Entry Gate: 9 Km, Route: Kotdwar – Siddhabali Temple – Saneh