If you have permit of Pakhro Gate (Sonanadi Safari) and wish to stay near to it. Pakhro gate is just 12 km from here. There is budget accommodation available with following basic amenities.

  1. Neat and Clean Rooms
  2. Attached Wash Room with Geyser (Hot Water)
  3. Restaurant
  4. Safe Parking

Activities during your stay

You can enjoy nature during your stay. Go for Saneh village excursion, jungle trekking, bird watching etc. A precaution required as there is elephant movement. Pre information from local will help you to move around safely. Besides this, you can take extra safari from Saneh-Kolhuchor, which is also beautiful and passes through dense jungle, Kolhu river and many chances to see the wild animals. This safari comes in Lansedowne Forest Division. You can book it on spot. Yet pre-booking will help you to organize your tour properly.

Saneh-Kolhuchaur Safari will only be available 15th December onward