FRH TRANSFER AND JUNGLE (JEEP) SAFARI PACKAGES are available for Halduparao FRH, Morghatti FRH, Mundiyapani FRH, Pakhro FRH, Kohuchaur FRH, Nauri FRH, Chaukham FRH, etc below FRHs as requested, from Kotdwar city.

If you need a transfer from Kotdwar to your FRH by Gypsy, you can fill adjacent form. 

We will assist you in this.

Halduparao FRH:

The road from Vatanvasa Gate to Halduparo FRH is rocky, passes through hill, river beds and not suitable for drivers from out side as it passes through dense jungle of Kalagarh Tiger Reserve. 

Morghatti FRH:

The road from Saneh to Morghatti FRH is ok till Pakhro FRH after that it is Off-road drive till Morghatti FRH. Gypsy is mandatory for this FRH stay.

For some FRH like Pakhro,  Mundiapani and Rathuwadhab are near to road which is accessible by normal car. But the area passes through dense forest for many kilometer with no human presence and you may encounter with any wild animal (specially wild elephant, wild boar, deers, leopard, or tiger etc), we don’t advise to travel on these area with own vehicle if you are not able to handle unprecedented situation due to any wild life movement on road. Gypsy (Jeep) drivers are well versed to drive such areas and know how to handle situation without harming animal as well as guests. 

This activity is in complete package form which involve.

  1. First day transfer from Entry Gate to Forest Rest House.  Your car will be park any suitable location near entry gate. 
  2. Evening Jungle Safari on prescribed location near FRH/zone
  3. Next Day morning Jungle Safari on prescribed location near FRH/zone
  4. Drive back to Entry gate

Notes: Before filling this form please note following things that guest will

  1. have valid stay permit from Corbett Website (Visit to get :
  2. Permit must also paid with Vehicle Entry Fee and driver entry fee. If not paid, guest have to pay (Around Rs 500+200) at entry Gate.
  3. Food arrangement of driver during your FRH stay.
  4. This booking must be done at least 7 days before of your arrival. Instant booking is not possible.
  5. Maximum 4 persons, 1 child allowed with reasonable luggage.
  6. Guide Charges will be extra and directly payable to guide at entry gate.

If you have not booked the FRH and need our assistance to book the FRH for you, then CLICK HERE and fill the request form.

If still you have further query. Feel free to send email at /

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OTHER FOREST REST HOUSES: 1. Naudi, 2. Kolhuchaur 3. Choukham 4. Saneh

The above FRH are administrate by Lansedowne Forest Division and attached with Kalagarh Tiger Reserve. You and even wild animal can not differentiate that he/it is inside Kalagarh Tiger Reserve or Lansedowne Forest Division and share common borderline, same habitat and similar landscape. Some times guests may feel more wilderness in these FRH than Kalagarh Tiger Reserve. We are unable to judge which is better or best. The FRH booking of above are follow standard old official process of getting manual stay permit.

What you need to do, click on below, download FRH booking request letter, 


fill it (in favour of DFO, Lansedowne Forest Division) and send back through above form. Since this process require DFO Sir signature to stay at particular FRH, the request letter must reach before 3 days of your arrival and have patience to get the process done.